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Nuclear Energy and its Controversy

Nuclear power station

Nuclear Energy and its Controversy.

Nuclear Energy cannot be classified into a non-renewable or renewable resource.

But if you ask a lot of people they deem it as a renewable resource.

Although it is good alternative to non-renewable resources. But why is this an issue of classification?

This is due to it basically being a Mine industry for a limited resource.

So its a non-renewable resource?

No! Its a zero emission industry and has no particular consequence.

It also does not require a lot of uranium to power places.

Also People deem it as a dangerous resource because they associate it with the accident ''Chernobyl'' in 1986 on April 26 in The Ukrainian SSF (Today's Ukraine). When it was human neglect with fail to address and deal with the maintenance failure. Which Resulted in it's Catastrophic Explosion.

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